The definition of a term paper

A term paper is a piece of academic research work assigned to you as a student by a teacher, to extensively describe a particular, normally submitted at the end of the term. Writing a good term paper is going to improve your grades. It is intended to test your knowledge and understanding of your course.

Essentials of writing a good term paper

A good background check is important before you start writing a term paper. You may need to go over previously written samples of term papers that relate to your course. This is going to give you ideas on how to properly draft your term paper. Such previous sources also enable you to come up with good topics as well as guide you on how to write the paper format.

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What makes a good term paper format

It is important to comprehend the right format to follow before you begin to write a term paper. A well-structured term paper shall incorporate your gathered information making the writing process and the flow of ideas of your chosen topic easier. A good format consists of the following sections.

A title page

A title page bears the title of the term paper, the student’s name, the name of the course and its code, the name of the instructor and the date.

An abstract

An abstract summarizes the main ideas of the term paper, the theoretical approaches to be used and the findings to be highlighted in the paper

The table of contents

A section which outlines the headings and page numbers of each section within the term paper.

The introduction

This is the first paragraph which explains to the reader, the fundamental information regarding the term paper.

The main sections

Since the term paper topics are many, the sections are usually several in number. You should ensure that these sections follow each other in a logical sequence.


This is the final main part of your paper. You are hereby required to restate the main research findings and illustrate the importance of those findings to the current academic state.


Using an alphabetical order, you are hereby needed to name all the sources that you have used to cite information about your paper.


It comprises the list of abbreviations, the list of tables, the list of figures and any other piece of distracting information that may be contained in the body of the paper.