What is the use of a powerpoint?

A powerpoint is a software application that you may use to display data or information, by the use of text, images and diagrams on a screen in the form of slides. A powerpoint presentation enables people to comprehend an idea or a research topic more effectively and practically.

Learn the tips for effective powerpoint presentation writing

Powerpoint presentation slides are relatively easy to produce but if not properly prepared they may lead to distraction for potential viewers. In order to make high quality powerpoint presentations you need to make the following considerations.
❖ Make use of the master slide feature to develop a consistent design template. It is important to remain consistent with the font, color and background of the powerpoint.
❖ Ensure there is simplicity by limiting the number of words on each slide.
❖ Use limited punctuation in the slide content and use spaces within the slides to enhance readability.
❖ In order to make it easier for the audience to read the text it is important to use contrasting background and text colors.
❖ Use a limited number of slides to avoid losing your audience through constantly flipping through the slides
❖ Use quality images to drive home your message.

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Who are the main users of powerpoint presentations?

You are going to need powerpoint presentations in several areas of study and work life. We write such presentations for varying groups of people across the board.



You shall be required to come up with a powerpoint presentation as a student while undertaking your research project. You are required to come up with a summary of gathered information and put it into slides to present to your tutors and supervisors for them to assess your work. Masters and doctoral students are also tasked with writing presentations to defend their thesis and dissertations.



One of the most effective tools that can help you to market your product or services to a potential customer or customers is a powerpoint presentation. A well written powerpoint presentation enables you to use images, objects and diagrams to explain your information to a customer engaging their visual perception to drive home your message.



Corporate organizations find powerpoint presentations to be very effective as a means of training their staff. They are able to prepare presentations that can bemused during a corporate training session to reach out to a large group of people. Powerpoint presentations are also very essential during corporate meetings where there is a need for a broad explanation of a broad agenda. Research and business projects of a particular nature such as construction are easily explained by the use of a powerpoint presentation



Tutors and lecturers often prepare powerpoint presentation slides to prepare notes and other learning information for their students. They find this method very practical in communicating their ideas since they are able to harmonize the use of text, images and diagrams

Get to know the major loopholes of powerpoint presentations

When making your powerpoint presentation, you are prone to making some major blunders which may lead to disastrous effects.

Improper sound effects and wrongful transitions

During your presentation, using the sound effects and overuse of transactions tends to become a source distraction for your audience. Do not drag yourself into such attention diversionary actions since they make your presentation theatrical and fail to drive home your message.

Text laden slides

The whole idea of a slide is usually to help note the key points and ideas in your presentation. They are not ideal for detailed reading. You are therefore advised to limit your slides to roughly five lines of text while using words and phrases to depict your points.

Use of presentation templates

Presentation templates are normally a cliche in that they force you to try and force your ideas to fit into someone's pre-packaged mold. It is advisable to choose a web graphics book to design your own distinctive slides.

Over reliance on technology

Any single equipment is vulnerable to malfunction so it is always necessary to have your own back up. Your own version of a flash memory or flash disc may be incompatible with the computer in use forcing you to use some other computer. It is thus advisable to have your presentation stored in the form of something else such as CD-ROM.

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