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Once you are done with the course work of your doctoral program, you shall be required to do a dissertation as a final product of your doctorate research work. The dissertation is designed to make an unprecedented contribution in the particular field of research and is also used to assess the ability of a student to conduct research.

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A dissertation proposal lays down, in detail, the scholarly research that you want to conduct. It also serves as a line of defense on why the research work is important and highlights how you intend to go about the whole process. A dissertation proposal is normally presented before the start of your dissertation writing process. It comprises an introduction to the topics, a literature review of the existing state of knowledge in the field of study, your proposed methodology outline, a discussion of possible research findings and a bibliography of literature sources.

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The process of writing a dissertation requires a lot of time, planning and immense work. You may therefore find it necessary to deploy expertise to help you make the dissertation writing process a smoother one.

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What challenges are you likely to encounter when writing your dissertation?

The major hurdles you are likely to encounter during your dissertation writing are mostly in four major areas.

Topic selection

Selecting a suitable topic during dissertation writing is hardly a walk in the park. You are likely to fall into a trap of choosing a very extensive topic whose research work is going to be too hard to exhaust. At this stage, you risk finding yourself in between a rock and a hard place when trying to beat research deadlines and fumbling through a haphazard research dissertation just to get the work done.

Time management

Dissertation writing as we have established so far is seldom an easy task. As a result, as any human being, you may find yourself procrastinating and postponing doing some of the required research work especially at the very initial stages when you can fathom that there is still a lot of time left. Eventually, you are bound to find yourself in a race against


The dissertation document requires you to follow some strict rules and guidelines in terms of style and the formatting. Some of these styles include; APA, MLA or Chicago to be used during citations. During other times, you may find difficulties in insertion of page breaks, the amount of spacing to use in between words and paragraphs as well as the correct form of numbering to use.


You may also encounter challenges in your dissertation writing in the occasion that you do not know how to make use of a word processing program such as Microsoft word. As a doctorate student it is sometimes deemed obvious that you have the capability of applying all the computer skills when doing your dissertation research. However, it is common to find yourself encountering problems such as alignment of tables and figures, inserting section breaks for page numbering to change from one section to another

Get to know the tips for writing a good dissertation

● A critical analysis of the reviewed literature..

● A detailed description of the methodology approach used while undertaking your scholarly research

● An original contribution of scholarly knowledge from your own research findings is met.

● Meticulous verification of knowledge from all claims and sources.

● Location of the dissertation work and the findings that you present is within the scope of the broader field of study.

● Effective analysis and communication of your scholarly research work.

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Our company is going to provide you with the best dissertation writing service. We acknowledge the fact that writing a doctoral dissertation is a fundamental piece of scholarly procedure that brings about significant contribution of new ideas and knowledge to the discipline of study. You are required to present and analyze results of your own original research, referenced from your reviewed literature which should be good enough to be published.
We are going to help you come up with a coherent structure of your dissertation document, which is going to break down an orderly and systematic account of all your scholarly research work.

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What entails a dissertation writing guide?

Your dissertation writing is supposed to be structured in a certain manner; however, it is normally divided into at least five sections.

dissertation introduction


This section is the major starting point of your tangible dissertation content. You shall be required to subdivide it into five major parts. These parts are Topic and Context, Focus and Scope, Relevance, Aims and Objectives, Overview and Structure.

literature review

Literature review

Writing a good literature review requires you to follow five major steps. These steps involve searching for relevant literature, evaluating and selecting sources, identifying themes, debates and gaps, outlining your literature review structure and finally writing your literature review.

dissertation writing


This section requires you to elaborate your methodological approach, illustrate your data collection methods and describe your analysis methods. The final bit involves evaluation and justification of analysis methods.

student discussion


To start with, writing a good discussion requires to start with a summary of your key findings. Secondly, you give your interpretations of the findings. You are then required to discuss the implications followed by an acknowledgement of the interpretations of the findings. Finally, state your recommendations.

dissertation conclusion


The conclusion bit of your dissertation is supposed to help you finalize your dissertation. You are supposed to answer your research question, give a summary and reflect on your research, make recommendations and make emphasis on your contributions. You may then conclude on your thesis.

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