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Get to know the tips of writing a good cover letter

Learning the secrets of what makes a great cover letter shall help you have an advantage over job seekers whom you may be competing with to secure the job. There are a number of very useful tips that might prove very rewarding

Proper background check

It is very important that you conduct a very good background check of the job you are applying for. Get to know all about the job description, try to learn as much as you can about the work environment and seek to find out about the hiring manager. Such details help you to determine the kind of information that you are going to include in your cover letter.

Highlighting your strengths

A good cover letter is one which shows your strengths to the hiring manager. Avoid including information of the skills or qualifications that you lack for the job. Instead, focus on winning the confidence of the hiring manager through your strengths such as highlighting your years of experience on the job, any awards or accolades you have earned on the job among other strengths.

Correct formatting and structuring

Ensure that the body of your cover letter bears the right format. It is always good to acquaint yourself with the proper cover letter format and organize the structure of your cover letter in such a way that there is a definite flow of your information. Ensure that all the main elements of a cover letter are covered from the opening paragraph of your cover letter to the closing line.

Write beyond your resume

A cover letter should not appear to be just another one of your resume. Be more informative and illustrative while writing your cover letter. The objective is to set a very clear picture of your personal attributes to the hiring manager. You want to show him or her your clear understanding of the job title and what really makes you stand out above the rest of the job seekers.

Customize your cover letter for every job

Many job seekers have a habit of duplicating the same cover letter applying for different jobs. The only change that they change is the letterhead for a different job title. Hiring managers have a wide experience of reading cover letters and shall easily detect when you are duplicating a cover letter time and again. This is a recipe for disqualification and you should avoid it completely. Customize every cover letter to suit the job requirements for a specific job title.

Proofreading and editing

When you finish writing a cover letter, the likelihood of you having made erroneous typos, misspelled some words, incorrectly punctuated some sections and use of incorrect grammar is always very high. It is also possible to put down the incorrect name of the hiring manager, wrong company name, improper contact information among other mistakes. It is therefore very important to carefully proofread and edit your cover letter to ensure that you get rid of such mistakes.and work to ensure that each and every deadline is met. In addition our service saves you time for doing other tasks that you may want to carry out in the meantime.

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Our professional team is dedicated to provide you with cover letter writing of its kind. With the nature of the competitive job environment that we live in, we have taken professional letter writing to the next level.

Attention to detail

We never take your job application process for granted. Therefore, we conduct a very deep background check of the company as well as the job title and job description before we start writing a cover letter. We want to know the policy of the company, the full name of the hiring manager where possible, the kind of skills they want in the position you are applying for, the contact information of the company as well as the level of experience they would like for one to get the job.

Experienced professionals

Your cover letter writing journey is never going to be a lonely one when you get to work with our team. They possess vast experience in writing cover letters as well a clear understanding of the job market. Therefore they are bound to provide you with exceptional cover letter writing guidance that is going to make your job search and job application journey an easier one. We are going to make sure that we keep you up to date with any new developments taking place in the job market

Quality assurance

If there is one thing that every hiring manager embraces, is quality. The level of quality in both your resume and cover letter speaks a lot about the quality of the job applicant as well. We therefore commit our time and resources to ensure that the manner in which your cover letter is written is one that is going to portray someone who is going to add value to a company through their skills.

24/7 consultancy

Our team is usually on standby at any given particular moment to assist with any of your queries regarding a job posting, job search, job description or job title. We are also ready to help with research about a company, a hiring manager or a given job position that you might be interested in. Perhaps you want to navigate through a certain company website and you do not have sufficient time. Rest assured that we shall always come to your rescue.

Professional editing

Having errors in your cover letter shall make you look like you are not serious about the job in the first place. You don't want a hiring manager to dismiss you on the basis of spelling mistakes, poor grammar, improper formatting and structuring of your cover letter among other errors of commission and omission. Our editing team is going to proofread, double check and proofread your cover letter to make sure it is devoid of all such errors.